Human Rights Ministry condemns Houthi bombing of 13 houses in north Yemen

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September Net

The Ministry of Human Rights has condemned the Houthi militia’s bombing of the houses of peaceful oppositionists in north Yemen’s Hajjah province on Wednesday.

In statement, the ministry said the militiamen raided a village in al-Namera of Kushar, a Hajjah district, “and laced no less 13 houses with bombs and blew them up.”

“This crime comes as the militia has been keeping the villages of Kushar under siege and shelling them indiscriminately for more than 40 days. As a result of the shelling a number of women and children have been killed and injured,” said the statement.

“The Iran-backed militia systematically use the detonation of houses with the aim of forcible displacing and sectarian cleansing of oppositionists. They also use the approach to terrorize the rest of the population,” it said.

“Since their coup d’état of September 2014, the militia have bombed more than 900 houses in different parts of Yemen.”

The statement expressed the Ministry’s surprise over the “silence and inaction of the international community mainly the UN Security Council over these Houthi atrocities.”




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