Five civilians of a family killed and injured by Houthi mortar shells in Hodeida

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September Net

Five family members, including a woman and child, were killed and seriously injured on Monday by mortar shells fired by the Houthi militia into Hayes town, south of Hodeida.

Local sources said that random mortar shells fired by the Houthi militia targeted a civilian house near which a number of civilians were gathered fetching drinking water from a reservoir in a neighborhood of the town.

As result one woman was killed and four other civilians were critically injured among them 4-year-old girl and 25-year-old disabled boy, the source added.

The same sources explained that the dead and injured were all from the same family.

The attack is only the latest in a series of massacres the Houthi militia has been committing against civilians, women and children, in Hodeida province.


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