Info. Minister: Iran wants to employ Yemen’s location to destabilize regional security

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September Net

Information Minister Muammer al-Iryani said” Iran tried to use Yemen’s geographical location to threaten regional and international peace and security by supporting the Houthi rebels to take control over Bab-Almandab Strait, one of the world’s most important waterways”.

Al-Iryani’s statement came during his conversations with the Chairman of “United Against the Nuclear Iran Organization” Norman Rolle on Wednesday.

To support his argument al-Iryani cited the Houthi militiamen attacks on oil tankers in the Red Sea as an example that the Houthi militia is employed by Iran to carry out its agendas so that it can use Yemen as a bargaining chip to reduce international pressures it has been facing.

The Minister has made it clear that Houthi militia has continued to reject to implement Stockholm Agreement and refuse to come to peace; insisting on imposing its sectarian scheme sponsored by Iran.


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