Houthi rocket amputates little child in Taiz

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September Net

A little boy had his arm amputated on Thursday after he was seriously injured by shrapnel of mortar shell fired by the Houthi rebel militia on his house in Taiz province.

Local sources told September Net that the Houthi rebel militia stationed atop of Al-Salal hill eastern the city launched a mortar round on a civilians house inhabited by displaced family in the city’s neighborhood of Al-Jahmalia.

A boy Mohammed Razaz, whose age wasn’t identified yet, lost his left hand as result of the the Houthi-missile bombing, which also incurred mass destruction on his house, the sources added.

Houthi terrorist militia has stepped up its direct attacks by random shelling and sniper shootings, against civilians in the city of Taiz which is under the siege of militants for four years killing and wounding children and women en-mass and individually.


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