Houthi militia pushes additional reinforcements to Hodeida


September Net

Iran-backed Houthi militia continues breaching the UN-led ceasefire in Hodeida and sending additional reinforcements to the province.

The rebel militiamen have pushed large number of militants and combat vehicles towards Hais town western the province.

On the other hand, the Houthi militia also keeps on shelling the positions of the national army in different areas in Hodeida.

The militia shelled on Sunday several positions under the army’s control in Hais, with heavy artillery shells.

In Al-Duraihemi, the Houthi militia targeted the national army with machine guns and eastern the city with mortar rounds.

Although the Houthi militia persists on escalating the situation and attacking the army forces in Hodeida, the national army has been fully committed to the truce in the city in accordance with orders of the political and military leadership.


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