Info Minister : Houthi militia recruitment schools’ girls must be denounced, stopped

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September Net

Minister of Information Muamer Al-Iryani revealed that Iran-allied Houthi sectarian militia has embarked on systematically recruiting campaign in girls’ schools, conscripting under-age female pupils to serve in the militia’s security, intelligence and military structures called ” Azynabyat”.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) Al-Iryani said” this move is intended to recruit schools’ girls to be employed by the militiamen as secret-intelligence agents among women private sessions, carry out raids on the houses and prevent women’s protests”.

The Minister called on the UN’s interested agencies namely the UNESCO and UNICEF to denounce the Houthi militia’s violations of childhood.

“Recruiting schools’ girls is blatantly violating childhood rights should be overtly condemned by international community. The UNECSCO and UNICEF must move to stop the militia’s violations”, said Al-Iryani.


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