NGO: 260 human rights violations committed by Houthi militia in the past month

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September Net

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms revealed that its team, in cooperation with 13 international organizations, had documented 260 human rights violations committed by the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia during the past month November, in the areas of their control.

The militia’s violations took place in Taiz, Hodeidah, Ibb, Al-Dhale, Sana’a, al-Bayda and Al-Jawf provinces.

” Due to the Houthi militia’s shelling, mines and sniping, 31 civilians were killed including 6 children and a woman and also 24 others were injured including 11 children and 8 women,” said the Network.

The Network, in a report, pointed out that the Houthi rebels kidnapped and enforcedly disappeared 89 civilians, including children and elderly, in Al-Dhale, Ibb, Sana’a, al-Bayda and Dhamar.

The Network monitored (39) cases of assaults against civilian objects, (27) raids and looting citizens’ houses, in addition to nine vehicles were damaged as a result of landmines planted by the Houthi militia in all over the country.

An ambulance was damaged by mines, three ballistic missiles were fired at Al-Dhale, Taiz, and Al-Jawf and also a bridge were destroyed in Al-Dhale by Houthi coup militia.

The report indicated that the Houthi closed 36 commercial stores in Sana’a and Ibb due to the refusal of the their owners to pay royalties imposed by the militia under the name of supporting the Prophet’s birth.

It also mentioned that three places of worship in Sana’a were closed by Houthi rebels who turned them into a center for sectarian mobilization.

The Houthi militia also committed 36 violations against the educational institutions in the capital Sana’a, according the report.


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