The National Army Approaches Al-Hoban the Last Strongholds of the Militias in Taiz

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SeptemberNet- The National Army forces continue its field advance in the Eastern front near the last strongholds of the Houthi-Saleh militias in the Al-Hoban area east of Taiz.

The eastern front of the city witnessed fierce battles with the early hours of Saturday morning, during which the National Army forces were able to progress in the field and control the many sites, where the militia was stationed.

The national army forces have controlled the Farwa Sana’a, the Economic Corporation, the Hamad Hospital, the Public Transport Office, Ben Alawi and Ben Sina Hospitals, and the bureau of the Works Office.

Following the national army forces took full control of the presidential camp on Friday, a large-scale military operation was launched to liberate the special security forces camp from three axes, the first from the Republican Palace area east of the city and the second from the Kalaba district in the northwest of the city.

The forces of the National Army carried out a large attack on the perimeter of the camp of security forces in parallel with heavy artillery shelling targeted the fortifications of the militia inside the camp. Later, Saturday’s fighting between the army and the guerrillas was close to the northern walls of the special security forces camp.

SeptemberNet correspondent in Taiz said that, large collapses in the ranks of the militia and dozens of elements fled towards Al-Hoban.

The sniper of the militia was stationed in buildings surrounding the palace tour targeted a number of militia elements fleeing the fighting in the vicinity in the eastern Al-Tashrifat camp , and set up many points starting from the crossroads of the palace and by pass-roads in order to detain the fugitives and put them in militias prisons in Hoban.

According to a military source, 60 people were killed the same day, and more than 100 were wounded in the fighting.

In parallel, the National Army fired heavy artillery at the positions of the militia in the hills overlooking the presidential palace and Al-Tashrifat camp.

The engineering teams continue to remove mines and improvised explosive devices, planted by the Houthi-Saleh militias in the vicinity of the Republican Palace and Al- Tashrifat Camp to impede the advance of the National Army.

In the meantime, the militia responded to the successive defeats suffered in the eastern front by heavy shelling on residential neighborhoods, which resulted in the number of civilian casualties.

The Humanitarian Relief Coalition said 131 civilians were killed and 320 injured in May in the province of Taiz by indiscriminate shelling of residential areas. The coalition said in its monthly report that the total number of children killed was 21, while 28 were injured. Two women were also killed and 11 others were injured, of whom 8 were permanently disabled.

The report pointed out that 736 families were displaced forcibly from their homes in the areas of Haryan, Al-Rubaie, Al-Qafah, Al-Mukha, and Al-Masha in the western countryside of Taiz.

In a related development, the Health Office in Taiz on Friday, confirmed that 23 cases of cholera in the province of Taiz, bringing the number of people infected with the epidemic to 150 cases.

The Health Office in the city also noted that it received written reports of deaths from acute diarrhea in several districts.


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