A Citizen Burns Himself in Sana’a to Protest against the Deterioration of Living Conditions

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A resident in Sana’a the capital, burned himself on Saturday in protest at the deteriorating living conditions of millions of Yemenis.

SeptemberNet correspondent in Sana’a, said that a citizen who does not know his identity, burned himself in Dar Salm round Hiziz area south of the capital Sana’a.

However, the incident happened near a military vehicle belonging to a security point for the coup d’état in Dar Sallem, and the militia did not rescue him.

A number of citizens rushed to try to extinguish the fire, which burned his body and took him to hospital after suffering severe burns.

A number of citizens told our correspondent that, the citizen burned himself because of the deterioration of his living conditions and his inability to meet daily obligations.

Houthi militias have been unable to pay salaries for many months. For more than two years the militia controls the country’s income sources and transfers a lot of it to the so-called war support and the rest goes to militia leaders.

Committing suicide has recently been repeated in more than one Yemeni province as a result of the collapse of living conditions at a time when the militias are gambling with the fate of millions of Yemenis, rejecting all attempts to save the Yemenis life.


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