Houthi militia targets 3 trucks carrying food aid with an improvised explosive device

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SeptemberNet- Three trucks were hit by an explosion while preparing to distribute food aid in the city of Marib early Thursday, the King Salman Relief and Humanitarian Center announced.

“The competent teams in the coalition to support the legitimacy in Yemen began to investigate the incident, which indicate preliminary evidence that it was caused by an explosive device planted at the place where the trucks stopped,” the center said in a statement today.

The three trucks were blown up at 1 am O’clock on Thursday morning as they stopped to unload food aid next to the white coalition partner’s warehouse on the side of Marib, Nihmm. The three trucks, including food and aid, were on their way to help those in need.

Such an incident would not affect the functioning of humanitarian and food aid, which is carried out for the benefit of the Yemeni people, as part of the process of restoring hope, the Center stressed.


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