At least 160 of Houthi-Saleh militants killed in Medi in June

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SeptemberNet- At least 164 of the Houthi-Saleh militants were killed, and hundreds injured in June in Medi district in the northwestern province of Hajjah, according to private sources for septemberNet.

The dead bodies of the militia are still in the refrigerators of the dead in a number of hospitals in the province, while dozens decomposed and still dumped in a number of places that were killed, especially in the desert Medi, according to the sources.

Morever, the forces of the national army and air fighters of the Arab coalition on Wednesday targeted the positions and reinforcements of the militia on several fronts in the province of Hajjah.

In the meantime, the national army forces, backed by Apache aircraft of the Arab coalition, foiled the infiltration of a number of elements of the militia on the positions of the national army in the valley of Hiran, which was lost by the militia a few days ago.

Air fighters of the Arab Alliance raided several positions of the coup militia in the district of Hiran.
The series of air raids carried out by the Arab coalition focused on Jabal al-Kurs, Hiran and other administrations and other sites west of Wadi Hiran.

In the border front of Haradh, army artillery targeted a number of sites where Houthi-Saleh militants were based in the outskirts and center of Harad.

At the same time, the coalition’s air fighters targeted two areas of the militia in the al-Asilah and Wadi bin Abdullah areas of Harad, with intensive air raids lasting hours.


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