145 Militias killed, dozens injured in battles during September’s 1st week

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September Net.

A statical report by September Net have confirmed that 145 of Houthi-Saleh militants have been killed in the battles with the National Army Forces since the last Friday of this month, September 2017.

Out of the 145 killed, 70 rebels were killed while attempting to retook positions they lost in the coastal Midi of Hajjah Province.

In Taiz city, 22 rebels were killed, and 18 others in Nihm while 10 in Serwah eastern fronts of the capital Sana’a. In addition to eight killed in AlJawf ,seven in Sada’a and five in Muris in al-Dhale provinces.

In same context, the Houthi-Saleh insurgents incurred 46 injuries in their ranks during the field confrontations with NA. It distributed to 29 injuries were in Taiz, 10 in Serwah and seven in Muris, according to the figures.

The statistics also indicated that another 25 militias were either killed or injured in clashes with the National Army in Maqbanah west of Taiz city, but there were no separated figures of the killed alone and the injured when reporting.

In the field of losses of equipment and supplies the militias suffered in the same period too, it revealed that two stores of weapons were destroyed by the coalition airstrikes in Hajjah and Taiz governorates as well as many nurmous vehicles and patrols.



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