President Hadi receives US Acting Assistant Secretary of State.

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President Abdu Rabu M. Hadi received the US Acting Assistant Secretary of David Satterfield on the situations in Yemen since he assumed the office .

Hadi said ” We had to undertake the national responsibility and we could deal with terrorism challenges, reestablish security in Sana’a and went to wide-range national dialogue conference aimed to address different Yemeni issues, explore solutions and envisage future”.

The president went on:” The Putschists of Houthi and Saleh had reneged and acted against the national consensus .
They launched war against constitutional legitimacy and Yemeni people. They wanted to serve regional agendas and interests, to attack neighboring countries and to replicate Iranian theologian regime. This is unacceptable by Yemeni people”

The President added:” we’re looking forward to establish a genuine peace that can ensure Yemen safe future”.

For his part, David Sattarfield said “We along with the international community prop you up against terrorism and Houthis’ challenges and those who stand behind them, moreover humanitarian challenges”.

The deputy Premier, Foreign Minister Abdulmalik al-Mikhlafi and US ambassador to our country Matthew H. Tueller, were presence.


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