Sana’a, Houthi-Saleh militias suffer strong blows amid Army victories

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National Army continues to advance in Nihm area, the eastern gate of Sana’a, achieving new victories and liberating dozens of significant locations of Houthi-Saleh militias.

The army, on Sunday, fought heavy battles with the putschist militias, retaking control over many sites in different front-lines of Nihm district.

The fierce battles left a large number of militiamen killed while many others were forced to flee toward their held-capital, Sana’a, where over 80 bodies are reported to have been arrived at the Military Hospital, according to a medical source.

Meanwhile, coalition aircraft killed and wounded dozens of coup d’état rebels, and destroyed more that 16 armed vehicles after launching intensive air raids on Sunday.

Aircraft pounded also scattered military camps controlled by the militias in Sana’a, including al-Nahdeen, Attan, while similar air strikes targeted First Armored Division and Dailami Air base, War Faculty and other military sites, according to local sources.



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