National Army liberates new sites eastern Sana’a

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The National Army forces continued advancing on Sunday in Nihm district eastern the capital Sana’a, after violent battles against Houthi-Saleh coup militias.

Military sources told September Net that the army launched successful attack on several sites of militias in Nihm front, achieving new progress and capturing Alhamra hill, adding that the artillery of the army bombed militias sites in the right side of Nihm front where the army seized control over strategic positions.

In parallel, the Arab coalition warplanes launched today several airstrikes on sites an weapons depots belonging to the coupists in Hamdan district north-west of the capital.

The battles left dozens of deaths and injuries in the ranks of the militias including the field leader “Nasser Alhaj” and 4 others from his escorts as well as the army destroyed 4 military patrols belonging to the militia rebels.



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