Dozens Houthi rebels killed in Taiz battles

Local 0 Ali

Dozens of Houthi militia were killed on Friday during battles with National Army forces in Maqbanah western Taiz province.

Military source told September Net that heavy fighting took place in different areas of Maqbanah district, where at least 30 militia elements were killed and others wounded during the fighting.

In the meantime, Commander of Operations in the 17th Brigade, Colonel Abdu Hamood Al-Saghir said that “Houthi militia trying to make advances in Maqbanah front because it is the secured backline for the warfronts in Al-Wazeyah and Moza’a, but the army is steadfastly defeating them”.

He said during a visit to the army frontlines that the troops’ morles are too high, and that the militias didn’t make any advances but they were forced to retreat and flee after incurring heavy losses.


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