Al-Jouf,,, National army keeps advancing, incurs painful blows on Houthi militia

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National Army forces backed by air support of the Arab coalition jets managed to liberat new strategic locations from the Houthi coup militia, north of Al-Jouf province, on Friday.

The heroes of the army launched a violent ground attack on the militia’s positions in Khab Al-Sha’af Directorate, and were able to liberate the Valley of Khab and several others key sites, according to a field source to September Net.

The source said that more than 15 elements of the coupists militia were killed and several others wounded in that offensive. Simultaneously, heavy artillery shelling and air raids hit also gatherings and reinforcements of the rebels militia in the same place, resulting in casualties and material damage among them.

The source pointed out that the fighting is still going on, amid rapid advance of the army, and continued collapse and losses in the ranks of the militia.

Meanwhile, fierce fighting, lasted for hours, broke out on Friday, between the National Army forces and the Houthi militia following the latter’s attempt to sneak into the the Ham mountain range in Al-Muttoun district, but it failed and they suffered heavy losses in lives and equipment.

Up to 20 bodies of the killed militia as a result of fighting are still scattered in the mountains, while many others were injured.

The Arab coalition fighters also launched a number of raids targeting the militias, west of Al-Jawf governorate, led to the destruction of combat mechanisms and the killing or wounding of several Houthi militants.

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