Hadi follows up on army’s advances in Hodeidah

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi is following up on the latest developments in the army’s streak of gains in the western coastline province of Hodeidah as part of a military operation to retake it from the hold of Iran-aligned Houthi rebels.

In a phone conversation with the commander of the Western Coastline Front Abdurahman al-Mahrami on Tuesday, Hadi hailed the championships that the national warriors are performing with support from the Saudi-led Arab Coalition.

After fierce clashes with Houthis earlier in the day, the army took full control of the city’s main airport forcing the rebels to flee to downtown Hodeidah.

“The victory of today, liberation of the airport, rescue of the city breaking the siege on the unarmed civilians and good treatment of the captives and wounded is only emblematic of the good manners of the army and popular resistance force,” said Hadi in the conversation.

on Monday, Hadi praised the army’s dramatic advances against the Iran-backed rebels who have plunged the province in a humanitarian catastrophe since they seized it by force.

Hadi congratulated the army and all the members of the Arab Coalition for their sacrifices, prayed for the martyrs and wished speedy recovery for the wounded.


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