National army inflicts major losses on the militia in Saada

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National Army forces managed to thwart three infiltration attempts by the Houthi rebel militia on army positions overlooking the center of Baqim district in the province of Saada.

Brigadier Saleh Qaroosh, the commander of brigade 5th Border Guards, stated to September Net that the coup’s militia tried to sneak into the army sites for three days consecutively, in an attempt to restore sites recently liberated by the army forces.

“The fierce clashes that took place between the forces of the brigade and the militia resulted in killing 7 rebels and injuring dozens others, while the rest elements retreated,” he added.

“The Arab coalition artillery targeted groups of Houthi militia near Baqim center inflicting them heavy losses.”

He pointed out that the reason behind the the militia attempts to retake the positions is because those positions put the center of Baqim within the range of army fire.

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