Sa’ada…National Army makes new advance, gets close to the center of Baqem

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National Army troops backed by the air forces of Arab Coalition made new progress on Friday in the north of Sa’ada province freeing mountainous chains from Iran-backed Houthi militias.

In a statement to September Net, Brigadier General Thiyab al-Kabli, commander of 143rd brigade, said that
the armed forces managed to liberate the mountain ranges of “Alsabeh” in Baqem district and stationed only five kilometers away from the center of the district.

Brig.Gen. al-Kabli added “the military operations have been ongoing since today’s early morning and will not stop till achieving it’s plan objectives”, praising the role of Arab Coalition for supporting the army forces during the battles.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Yasser Mugali, Commander of 63rd brigade, said to September Net that the army troops covered by the war planes of Arab Coalition have regained control over the hilltop of Alkooz and reached the outskirts of Al-Azamah area in Baqem after fierce fighting against Houthi coup militias.

Senior ground leader among militias’ ranks was killed along with his escorts and other tens wounded while the rest elements retreated and fled posts, according to Mugali.

The army forces retook a quantity of heavy, medium and light weapons during the battles.

The engineering teams of the army have removed landmines planted by Houthi militias in the valleys that led to the center of Baqem district in order to facilitate the process of liberation.



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