Saada..Army frees strategic positions close to Baqem’s center

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National Army troops in Sa’ada province have regained control of several mountainous chains on Thursday and got closer to the center of Baqem district after fierce battles against Houthi coup militias.

Brig.Gen. Yasser Alharethi, Commander of 102nd brigade, stated to September Net that the army troops supported by Arab Coalition forces have launched earlier this week an offensive on positions held by the Houthi coup militia in the district.

Alharethi pointed out that the army forces got so close to the center of Baqem district after liberating the mountain ranges of al-Abd and Alwasat, the village of “Mozher” and the dam of Baqem which estimated 350 meters as well as cut off militia’s supply routes connected between the village of Mozher and the center of Baqem.

More than 30 Houthi coup militants were killed and four others captured, while the rest elements fled posts leaving large quantity of weapons and ammunition, according to Alharethi.

He added that “the military operations have been ongoing and will not stop till achieving it’s planed objectives”.



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