President orders referring perpetrators of attacking Aden’s Military Academy to justice

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has ordered referring Commander of the First Logistic and Support Brigade Muneer al-Mashari (abu al-Yamama) and Abdulnaser al-Ba’wa and everyone found guilty in the attack against the Military Academy to justice.

The orderempowers authorities to take necessary measures for implementation of the order.

Earlier, armed groups from the First Logistic and Support Brigade blocked the road of Buraika District by oil trucks and military escorts (to fail a graduation ceremony for the students at the Military Academy,) according to a report raised by the Deputy Chairman of Staff and the Commander of the Forth Military Zone in Aden to President.

The report accuses militants from the brigade, which is under Aden’s Security Belt, of opening fire on the students while grouping at the Black Square for a bride in the ceremony and killed a graduate student and injured two others.

The report mentioned that the attack was not the first one but a second followed that took place at Buraika Road and targeted the convoy of Prime Minister in November 30 last year.


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