Coalition’s military reinforcements join national army in Hajjah

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Saudi-led Arab coalition sent on Wednesday military reinforcements to support national army in Hajjah province, north west of the country.

A military source said that the military reinforcement included armored vehicles, engineering teams and hundreds of soldiers.

In the last few days, the Iranian-backed Houthi militias sent reinforcements to the districts of Abs and Mustba in Hajjah, after the national army forced the rebels militia to leave the nearby district of Hiran.

According to military sources, Houthi militia prominent leader Abdullwahab Mohammed al-Hussam and Judge Salah Mossed Khamousi were killed during battles with the army forces in Hiran district .

“At least 200 Houthi rebels, mobilized from Hajjah, were killed within 3 days during battles with army forces, military source confirmed.

For its parts, the Arab coalition fighter jets have also destroyed 18 positions used by Houthi militias to launch ballistic missiles.



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