President is acquainted with developments in Hodeida warfronts

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President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, the Supreme Commander of the Military Forces received on Friday a telephone call from the Commander of the Third Brigade Amaliqa AbdularrahmanAllahji on recent developments of battles for liberating Hodeida City from Houthi rebel militia.

President Hadi praised heroic acts and sacrifices made by heroes of the Amaliqa Brigades, including the Third Brigade, for liberating the rest quarters of Hodeida City from the rebel gang Houthi militia and bringing victory to the homeland and its constitutional legality.

The sacrifices and pure blood made by Amaliqa Brigades and Tehami Resistance with generous support from our brothers in the Saudi-led Coalition and active participation from the United Arab Emirates will be immortalized in the memory of our people, said President Hadi. He asked the Commander to convey his best wishes to all heroes in the battlefield.

For his part, Commander Allahji expressed his gratitude to President Hadi for his following up field developments indifferent warfronts, including fronts for regaining Hodeida, bringing good news of imminent victory with the help of the Coalition.


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