Al-Mekhlafi inspects Army units stationed in Al-Masloub

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Commander of 22nd Infantry brigade, Brigadier Abdu Abdullah Al-Mekhlafi visited on Tuesday army soldiers stationed in the front-lines of Sedah and Alghrfa of Al-Masloub district, Al-Jouf province.

Al-Mekhlafi inspected fighting readiness of the troops, praising their heroic acts and sacrifices to deter the Houthi coupist militias in different warfronts.

He urged the fighters to maintain high vigilance and exert more efforts, stressing on completing liberation of Al-Masloub and rest of areas in the province from the putschist Houthi militias.

Al-Mekhlafi highly praised role of Arab Coalition Forces, led by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in supporting the National Army in all fighting fronts.

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