Vice President discusses with military commanders finalizing liberation

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Vice Preside Ali Mohsen Saleh arrived Mareb on Saturday for inspecting military process and normalizing life in liberated areas.

Upon arrival, Saleh held a meeting with Chief of Staff Taher al-Uqaili and a number of military commanders and discussed with them military developments and victories accomplished by the heroes of the National Army in different warfronts for finalizing liberation.

In the meeting attended by Commander of the Saudi-led Coalition’s forces in Mareb General Awn al-Qarni, Vice President highly valued support of countries of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia for their support to Yemeni people just issue and protecting the Yemeni Arab Identity.

He renewed the government’s choice of peace based on the three references; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and the UN Resolution 2216.

He pointed out to Houthi stubbornness and shelling cities, firing ballistic rockets on Saudi Arabia and threatening international maritime navigation and waterways.

He stressed doubling efforts and fighting readiness for realizing peace admired by Yemeni people for ending their suffering, welcoming all calls for peace on the bases of the three references.

He confirmed that the government of President Hadi is waging defensive war imposed by Iran-backed Houthi militia for regaining the state, pointing out that Houthi surrender to peace and response to international call for halting the war and implementing the resolution 2216 will end suffering of the Yemeni and realize peace and stability to Yemen and the region.

The military commanders reviewed the ongoing work in different military bodies, situations of the military units and fighters, confirming their readiness for finalizing liberation of the country from the rebel militia.


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