VP urges governors to engage themselves in peoples’ daily life reality

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Vice President (Lt Gen) Ali Mohssen Saleh met Monday here with Mayor of capital Sana’a Maj. General Abdulghani Jameal and governors of Al-Jawf, Dhamar and Raymah provinces.

The session aimed to brief the Vice President on the developments and peoples’ situations in the Houthi putschist militia controlled regions.

The governors reported to (Lt Gen) Mohssen about the security and humanitarian situations under the militia control.

The Vice President stated that President of Republic’s instructions to the governors necessitate doing utmost efforts to provide the population with basic service including water, health, electricity, roads and education.

The Vice President applauded significant military advancements in different fronts including Hodeidah, Haradh, Morice, Damt and Al-Baidha.

He appreciated great sacrifices have been made by the government’s troops backed by Saudi-led Arab Coalition.” Legitimate leadership alongside all Yemeni people have been determined to restore their own state and establish security and stability all over Yemen”, Mohssen said.

The Vice President asserted that legitimate leadership is very keen on establishing peace that based on the three terms of reference including GCC’s Initiative, its executive mechanism, outcomes of National Dialogue and International Security Council resolution 2216.

(Lt Gen) pointed out to the unbearable agonies and torment the Yemeni people have been suffering as a result of Houthi militia’s coup. He said” the Country’s infrastructure and social fabric have been seriously damaged, the Yemeni Revolution’s goals are directly being targeted, besides risks and threats to Yemen and the region”.

The Vice President ordered the governors to closely engage themselves in the populations’ daily life reality, know what going on in their provinces and government-held regions and the militia controlled ones, get involved in the battles against the Iran-backed Houthi militia’s coup.


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