Taiz,,, Army expands operations, captures key sites

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Army forces are moving a head with the military operations they have launched today, Saturday, against the Houthi militias in the district of Mackbana, western Taiz province.

The troops are determined to retake and reopen the road of Alwazeya- Albarh-Mackbana, west of the city, at the same time, they are battling the rebel militias in the district of Jabal Habashi.

Commander of Mackbana Front Col. Hamid al-Khalidi told September Net that army forces had launched a large-scale and joint military operation, south of Mackbana, as well as in Al-Ashroh front in Jabal Habashi, in order to take over the highway that connects the two districts.

“National Army was able to take control over the village al-Quoz, and all villages in Alkaeda, Almadafen, Alzoom hills, Alshahed, Sa’adah and Alra,ee. In addition to a number of sites in al-Qada strategic mountain,” the Col. added.

Al-Khalidi explained that the strategically significant of the sites controlled by the army, lies in the fact that they overlook the line between the Mackbana front, Jabal Habashi and Maafer, pointing out that this line connects the north and south of Mackbana, as well as Jabal Habashi and Maafer, because it has been a supply line for the Houthi militia.

According to the commander, the fighting is still going on, amid significant progress for the national Army on one hand, and major collapses and setbacks for the insurgents militia on the other hand.

Colonel Al-Khalidi called on all the people of Mackbana and Jabal Habashi to unite their lines and gather to face the Houthi rebel militias, which use civilians as human shields.

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