Saudi Arabia welcomes approving new UN resolution 2451

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September Net

Saudi Arabia has welcomed unanimously voting on the UN Resolution 2451 backing peace in Yemen.

The Deputy of Permanent Representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Khaled Minzlawi said in a release to the permanent delegation the resolution supports Sweden’s agreements and confirms UN Resolution 2216, which stipulates on abiding by the three references of the political solution in Yemen.

He pointed out that the resolution confirms also success of the military pressure of the Saudi-led Coalition and Saudi diplomacy on forcing Houthis on withdrawal from Hodeida, supports the UN envoy to Yemen to implement Stockholm’s agreement and supports peace plan in Yemen.

The resolution also grants authorization to exist on the ground as supervisor and this will suppress Houthis to stop hindering the implementation and repeated preaches.

The Saudi Delegation in the UN thanked the Sate of Kuwait and United States for reaching a suitable draft for the resolution serving the interest of Yemeni people and international security and peace.


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