Arab Coalition: Houthi militia rejects securing food relief convoys from Hodeida to Sana’a

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The Spokesperson of the Arab Coalition for Supporting Yemen’s Government Colonel Turki al-Maliki has said the terrorist Houthi militia rejected allowing a food convoy-owned by a UN organization carries 32 tons of flour- leave Hodeida to Sana’a.

“The Command of the Joint Forces of the Coalition issued necessary licenses on moving the food convoy and securing its movement in the government held areas in Hodeida after finalizing all coordinating measures with the Yemeni national army but Houthi terrorist militia rejected the departure of the convoy from Hodeida Port and rejected securing its safe-out from the Port to Sana’a,” said al-Maliki in a statement published by Saudi News Agency “WAS” on Saturday.

“This represents willingly hindrance and prevention of relief and humanitarian activities,” added al-Maliki.

The command of the joint forces confirmed continuation of issuing licenses to relief organizations and securing its movements for lifting suffering of the Yemeni people in support of UN envoy’s effort and support of Stockholm agreement on Hodeida.


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