MPs demand Griffiths take clear stance on Houthi circumvention of Stockholm Agreement

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September Net

Members of the Yemeni parliament have demanded the UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths to take and declare a clear stance towards the Houthi circumvention of the Stockholm Agreement.

In a meeting with Griffiths here on Tuesday, the parliament’s deputy speaker Mohammed al-Shaddadi and the chiefs of the parliamentary blocks of all represented parties demanded that Griffiths take a stance toward the circumventions of the rebel militia including the stage play of handing over the Hodeidah seaport to their uniformed fighters instead of the agreed upon handover to the government.

The MPs warned of the organization of any next round of talks between the government and the rebel militia before the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement.

They said that establishing permanent peace is not possible without ending the causes of the war first; the Houthi coup of 2014.


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