Mareb Governor: Houthi terrorist Militia imposed the war with support from Iran

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Governor of Mareb General Sultan al-Erada has said that Iran attracted hundreds of Yemeni youth across decades and worked on brainwashing them in Qom City of Iran and in Hezbullah Lebanon within its influence’s agenda for regaining Persian Empire.

In an interview to German ZDF TV here, al-Erada said these young people came back to Yemen and formed terrorist militia does not believe in the state strategy but in its religious references and its divine right in ruling people and making them servants.

He confirmed that Yemen is a country for peace and the Yemeni people are peaceful but Houthi militia imposed the war on them with support from Iran.

Governor al-Erada pointed out that the coup carried out by Houthi militia against the state four years ago divers than any other coup in the world and across the history as it has been carried out by terrorist militia set out from caves and supported by Iran.

Houthi militia seized the state’s institutions and destroyed them after the coup against the identity of the state and believes of Yemeni people and implemented mullah rule applied in Iran, he said, adding the militia has been committing the most barbaric crimes against civilians for humiliating them to follow their rule and extremist belief.

He hoped that the visit of the German TV’s team to Mareb will carry positive picture to the world and the public opinion on suffering of the Yemeni people and correcting falsified understandings and the conversed picture propagated by Iran- backed media.

“The International Community is demanded to support Yemen in its crisis and meets humanitarian and service needs and work for overcoming the humanitarian catastrophe caused by Houthi militia by toppling the state,” said Governor of Mareb.

He pointed out that Mareb faces many challenges, led by population crowding resulting over influx of many displaced people and migrates from provinces under terrorist Houthi militia’s control.

“We should carry our responsibilities- in accordance to our capabilities- for providing some basic services, but the needs are above our limited capabilities under continuous displacement and forcibly migration,” said al-Erada.


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