Presidential Office: We support firm implementation of Stockholm agreement

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September Net

The Director of Presidential Office Dr. Abdullah al-Alimi has confirmed government’s support and keenness on implementing Stockholm agreement announced about last December.

“We have said this verbally and implemented it practically, but this does not mean our support and cooperation are unconditioned, rather it is conditioned by implementing the agreement fully in accordance with correct explanations understood by the whole world and approved by Yemeni law and supported by the UN Security Council,” said al-Alimi, who is also the Deputy Head of the Government Delegation in Sweden Consultations.

He made it clear that 37 days have passed since declaration of Stockholm agreement and 32 days of arrival of General Patrick Commaert to Yemen and the situations are still as they are in their first day.

“Until now, we have not got any timetabled mechanism for implementing the agreement, Houthi are hindering agreements and the government provides responsible work and there are no reports on hindrance, nor testimonies on good reaction,” he added.

Al-Alimi confirmed that the continuous escalation of Houthi militia, their military mobilization, digging trenches, hindering humanitarian aid and daily arrest do not reveal any peaceful will.

He confirmed that delay of implementing the agreement and inability of naming the obstructers of implementing the agreement encourage such provocations leading to failure.


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