Symposium on NDC’s document, peace insurances held in Taiz

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In annual celebration of declaring the National Dialogue Document, the Office of the State Minister for Implementing National Dialogue Conference’s (NDC) outcomes held Monday a symposium entitled “the Dialogue Document between War Situation and Peace Guarantees.”

Three work papers on the dialogue document and guarantees of stability and peace were presented. Member of the NDC Sabah al-Shara’bi discussed paper dangers and challenges faced the dialogue led by war, split and division, as well as hopes and aspirations of Yemeni people in a democratic and federal state.

Meanwhile, NDC Member Hamid al-Kholaidi discussed in his paper the role of the army and security in realizing peace and security in the light of the dialogue document as a central issue for all other national issues of establishing a federal Yemen based on social justice, equal citizenship and respecting human rights.

The Deputy Head of the Civil Alliance for Steering and Activating National Dialogue Conference’s outcomes Hassan al-Yaseri pointed to outcomes of the NDC as the last chance for spreading peace and solving conflicts, pointing to importance of the dialogue document as a historical document included all national issues with participation of different political spectrum.

Earlier, Deputy Governor of Taiz Aref Jamel delivered a speech in which he praised the document of the national dialogue, which represented a historical stage and included all aspirations and hopes of the Yemeni people.

The symposium included comments and viewpoints reflected citizens’ aspirations of implementing the outcomes of the dialogue.


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