Alyemany: Sweden Agreement collapse will prove IC unable to engage al-Houthi in comprehensive peace

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Foreign Minister Khaled Alyemany said ” Legitimate government committed itself to necessary flexibility in Sweden consultations to ensure constructive outcomes, hence we are insisting on the importance for setting out an executive plan to implement what agreed on in the Sweden Agreement within specific timeline, as two months have passed while the Houthi rebel militia has continued to refuse to put it in place”.

His statement came as he addressed the Fifth Arab-European Ministerial Meeting held Monday in Brussels, Belgium.

Alyemany added” We consider the implementation of Sweden Agreement a key step forward to further rounds of consultations to reach a comprehensive peace, as failure of the Sweden Agreement isn’t an option, as the UN Secretary General Antanio Guterres confirmed it as I met with him on the 26th of last January in New York, because in case that Houthis fail to implement Stockholm’s Agreement particularly regarding Hodeidah it will be difficult for the International Community (IC) to force them to implement the conditions for comprehensive peace stipulated by UNSCR 2216″.

He also stated that the government has welcomed the International Security Council resolutions 2451 and 2452 which urged the importance of implementing the Stockholm’s Agreement and reaching peace based on the three terms of reference including the UNSCR 2216.

The Foreign Minister blamed Houthis’ for refusing to re-open Sana’a airport for international flights through Aden airport, rejecting a proposal to sustain the government’s revenues and the Central Bank of Yemen to help paying all civil service employees regularly.




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