PM: Houthi failing Sweden Agreement confirms their unwilling for peace

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik has confirmed that failing Sweden Agreement by Houthi militia and unwilling of implementing its commitments proves their evasiveness of accepting peace and surrender to people’s will and implementing international resolutions.

Receiving the Director of the Middle East and North Africa Department at UK Foreign Office Neil Crompton on Monday, he made it clear that the international community’s negligence with Houthis makes Houthi escalate their violations and war against Yemeni people and recently opening fire on the UN sponsoring committee in Hodeida.

” The Government accepted Sweden Agreement to avoid bloodshed of Yemeni people despite our understanding Houthis have accustomed to breach accords and agreements … a matter we currently see after a month on signing the agreement and did not implement anything whether withdrawal from the city and its ports or exchanging prisoners and the kidnapped,” he said.

He confirmed that the real and the sole key to end this war triggered by armed and rebel militia is dealing seriously with its reasons by ending coup appearances and regaining the state institutions on the bases of the agreed upon political solution references.

He praised UK support to legal government and the Yemeni people and its peace efforts.

The meeting dealt also with current meeting between the representatives of the government and Houthi militia under the UN sponsorship for pushing forward means of implementing Sweden agreement on Hodeida.

Prime Minister stressed taking serious and deterrence measures to stop Houthi continuous violations and breaches and rejection of withdrawal from Hodeida and its ports.

For his part, the UK official praised the government’s position supporting peace efforts and supporting UN envoy’s efforts.

He confirmed that his country will provide necessary support for making peace successful in Yemen and for supporting the government normalizing life and alleviating suffering of the Yemeni people.



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