PM, U.S. Ambassador explore support for Govt’ s efforts, launching reconstruction drive

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik met Riyadh on Tuesday with American Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tuller.

Dr. Ma’een’s conversations with Tuller focused on the needed support for government to normalize situations, reinstate basic services, unleash reconstruction and development campaign in government-held regions and countering terrorism.

Dr. Ma’een stated that the government has been working hard on re-normalizing situations, reconstructing and redressing shortages in the two domains of economy and basic services.

He also touched upon the government’s progress in working out 2019 state’s budget, noting that the government is going to start paying civil service employees in the remaining administrative units in Taiz and carrying out Haygat al-Abd highway project to allaying the suffering of the people due to siege imposed by Houthi rebel militia on the governorate of Taiz.

The Prime Minister said ” Eliminating grass roots of the war triggered by Houthi rebel militia, removing the coup’s features and reinstating state’s official authorities based on the three terms of reference is the only single way to put an end of the ongoing conflict in Yemen”.

Ma’een blamed the Houthi militia for attempting to foil Sweden Agreement, avoiding to honor its obligations the UN-brokered deal in Stockholm have proved that it has continued to maneuver and it hasn’t been seriously engaged in peace efforts.

The American diplomat applauded the government’s efforts to normalize situations, paying pensioners and civil service employees. He stated that his administration is willing to support these efforts aiming to re-normalize the situations and alleviate the Yemeni peoples’ suffering.


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