VP reviews Govt’s efforts in liberated regions

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September Net

Vice President and Prime Minister reviewed Wednesday in Riyadh the government’s ongoing efforts to renormalize situations, reinstate basic services and challenges in the development, security and military domains.

Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen and Dr. Mo’een Abdulmalik also talked about military accomplishments realized by National Army, backed by Saudi-led Arab coalition against Iran-allied Houthi militias in the battle for ending the militia’s coup and reinstate official authorities.

Prime Minister Dr. Mo’een detailed the Vice President on the government’s efforts to manage economic hardships, improve basic services and alleviate the Yemeni peoples’ suffering caused by Iran-baked Houthi rebel militias..

Vice President Mohsen blamed the rebel militias for exacerbating the humanitarian crisis and prolonging the Yemeni peoples’ ordeal.

He stated that the militia’s stubbornness and intention to foil Sweden Agreement by refusing to commit to Hodeidah deal is clear  proof that it is bloodthirsty and wants to shed more blood and damage.

Lt. Gen. Mohsen added that political leadership headed by President Hadi along with Saudi-led Arab Coalition largely backed by United Arab Emirates have been determined to foil Iran’s sabotage scheme, maintain Yemen’s identity, republican regime and establishing peace.


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