Info. Minister demands Lebanon to stop Hezbollah’s interference in Yemen

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September Net

Minister of Information Muamer al-Iryani called on the Lebanese government to stop the Lebanese Hezboallah’s interference in the Yemeni internal affairs, pull out its experts and militants from Yemen, ending all kinds of support the party provides the Houthi rebel militia with including TV channels which promote inciting campaigns that are considered hostile activities against Yemen.

Al-Iryani stated that Hezbollah’s flagrant intervention in the Yemeni internal affairs and direct support the party provides the Houthi militia with are clearly evidenced the statements made by Secretary General of the party Hassan Nasser Allah.

The Minister noted that Hezbollah’s provides the Houthi militia with experts develop missiles, landmines, explosive devices, trainers and hosts the militia’s media machinery such al-Massirah TV, Assahat and other media outlets and news websites in the southern Suburb of Beirut .


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