Cabinet: International blind-eye approach allows Houthis to hinder peace

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September Net

Yemen’s Cabinet said the constant turn-a-blind-eye approach by the international community allowed the Houthi militias to go forward with hindering peace and prolonging the conflict.

In a routine meeting in the temporary capital Aden on Wednesday, the Cabinet also pointed to the failure of the UN to forthrightly name the warring party hindering the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement which was signed under the patronage of the UN on December 13.

The Cabinet reflected on the continuing UN moves to establish peace and the Houthi foot-dragging policy on the Stockholm Agreement.

The Cabinet said the Houthi militias vehement attempt to break up the agreement on Hodeidah city into smaller agreements coupled with the UN focus on the perception of progress threaten the prospect of peace.

The Cabinet considered the Houthi militias failure to withdraw from the port city as per agreement a clear proof of the Houthi ignorance of peace and defiance of the international community and the UN Security Council resolutions.

The Cabinet said the Houthi militias have been violating the Hodeidah ceasefire since its start on December 18, hindering the movement of UN convoys in the city and attacking the WFP warehouses on repeat and denying the UN access to those warehouses.


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