FM: UN should speak up, promptly name the party obstructing Agreement

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Yemen’s Foreign Minister, the head of the governmental delegation to peace talks with Houthis, said the United Nations “should speak up and promptly name the party obstructing (the implementation of) the Agreement” signed in Sweden in December.

In a statement to Saba, Khaled Alyemany said, “This Thursday February 28 the deadline to complete the first phase of troop Redeployment Plan has come to an end, while the Houthi militias are still refusing to withdraw from al-Salif and Ras Isa seaports without giving reasons.”

“With this latest stubbornness, it becomes clear to the whole world the persistence of Houthis on playing games and delay tactics.”

He said the militias are still blocking the road to the UN food stores in Hodeidah to maintain the humanitarian crisis in the country and invest in the media fuss it creates.

He said the militias are refusing to provide the government with maps of the landmines they have planted, a fundamental obligation they are supposed to fulfill under the Stockholm Agreement. They are also failing to honor the part on prisoner swap and lifting the siege on Taiz city.

He called on the head of the UN observer mission in Yemen Michael Lollesgaard and the UN peace mediator Martin Griffiths to take a decisive action toward the Houthi persistent schemes to avoid their obligations.


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