Yemen, US hold talks on cooperation, ending the war

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The Transitional Capital Aden hosted on Thursday talks between Prime Minister Ma’een Abdulmalik and the US delegation headed by US Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tueller on cooperation between the two countries.

The two parties discussed US support to the legal government and Yemeni people to overcome current conditions within international community’s position supporting reach to a political solution on the bases of the agreed upon references for ending Houthi coup and resuming political process.

The talks, which included US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Timothy Linder King, touched upon efforts exerted by government for normalizing conditions in liberated provinces and successes it accomplished in fighting terrorism with support from the Saudi-led Coalition, as well as economic and humanitarian developments and mobilizing international support for helping the government in relief and reconstruction process.

The two parties discussed exerted efforts for reaching to political solution for ending the war in Yemen and clarifying position towards US movements in this field for boosting UN efforts and dealing with Houthi continuous hindrance of efforts of political solution, most recently Sweden Agreement.

They also discussed Iranian continuous support to Houthi rebel militia and consistence of Yemeni-US attitude on stopping Iranian interferences and support to Houthi militia for feeding tensions and conflicts in Arab region.

Welcoming US delegation’s visit to Aden, Prime Minister praised US firm position against Iranian aspirations in the region and support to terrorism and destructive agendas.

Then, ministers of fisheries, public health, oil, social affairs and the state minister for implementing National Dialogue’s outcomes talked about efforts of their ministries on normalizing conditions and providing services to citizens and obstacles made by Houthi militia to deepen the humanitarian crisis caused by the war triggered by Houthi militia.

They pointed to possible cooperation with the United States and its demanded role in supporting development and service plans and programs for helping the government realizing economic revival.

For his part, the head of US delegation confirmed keenness of his country on providing all forms of support to the government, confirming support to Yemen’s unity, security and stability and support to the government for re-building institutions and activating cooperation.


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