Presidency Office Director: Yemen’s future requires people integration against coup

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Director of Presidential Office Abdullah al-Alimi has said Yemen’s future depends on people’s integration against the coup and support to the legality and the federal state project based on republican decree, equality, justice, good governance and outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference.

“Four years later Yemeni people have become content Houthi militia… is the danger threatening all Yemeni people and any lining up out of the legality and coalition will only lead to prolonging this danger,” said al-Alimi on his twitter page on passing four years of launching the Firmness Military Storm for supporting President Hadi’s Government.

He pointed out that this anniversary remains the clearest reality as the storm represents conjunction historical point expressing Arab fixed and sincere position. With this anniversary, a stable determination to the Yemeni leadership and the Arab Coalition is renewed for beating the coup, combating Houthi militia and regaining the state and normalizing conditions.

In the Fourth Occasion of the Firmness Military Strom, Yemeni people will continue to be grateful to Saudi political and military support to Yemen and support of the Arab Coalition’s countries.


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