Prime Minister meets German ambassador to Yemen

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik meets on Tuesday in Aden with German ambassador to Yemen Carola Muller-Holtkemper.

The Two officials discussed the relations between the two countries and the German role in supporting stability, security and unity of Yemen.

Dr. Abdulmalik affirmed that the Houthi coupist militia has continued to obstruct the implementation of Stockholm Agreement, the latest deal struck with the hope of putting an end to the suffering of the Yemeni people resulting from the Houthi coup and war.

They also discussed the German support for reconstruction and renormalization of life in the liberated parts of Yemen. .

The Prime minister called on the international community to exercise more pressure on the backer of Houthis, Iran, to subdue them from supplying the militia with arms, funds and expertise that keep prolonging the war in Yemen.


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