Parliamentary blocs condemn storming lawmakers’ houses in Sana’a by Houthi militia’s

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September Net

The parliamentary blocs denounced the violations and crimes of the putschist Houthi militia against all Yemeni people, including the members of parliament who have been subjected to arbitrary arrest, crackdown, storming their own houses and put them under-house arrest.

The parliamentary blocs issued a statement the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) received a copy of it, it reads” Following President Hadi’s call for holding the Parliament’s sessions in Hadramout yesterday, Wednesday, the terrorist Houthi militia has further increased its violations against the MPs’ properties and families in the capital Sana’a”.

The statement added” Yesterday, Wednesday the militiamen stormed the houses of the lawmakers in Sana’a. These MPs are Sultan al-Baraking, Rabish Ali Wahban, Sultan Al-Atwani, Sakher al-Wajeeh.

The militiamen broke into the houses, terrified women, children and forcefully getting them out of their own homes, looted their prosperities”.

The parliamentary blocs called on the International Parliamentary Union and friendly parliaments in the world to condemn these violations and support legality in Yemen and its institutions.

The parliamentary blocs represent the following political parties and organizations are:

General People Congress

Yemeni Congregation for Reform

Yemeni Socialist Party

The Nasserite Union Party

Justice and Development Party

National Solidarity Party

The Independents’ bloc

The Free People bloc


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