Yemeni government blames Houthi rebels for not implementing Stockholm Agreement

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September Net

Yemeni Government stated that no progress has been made so far in implementing Stockholm Agreement though more than four months have passed because of Houthi militia’s intransigence and foot-dragging approach.

Yemen’s permanent representative to the UN Ambassador Abdullah Assa’di has made this clear on Monday as he was speaking during a session held by the International Security Council about Yemen.

Assa’di called on the International Security Council to press for implementing its resolutions about the conflict in Yemen. He stated that it is time for the International Security Council to press for implementing Stockholm Agreement because it is a cornerstone of the political process in Yemen.

Assa’di cited the Yemeni government’s efforts to establish sustainable peace, blaming the putschist Houthi militia for refusing to come to peace, deliberately seeking for prolonging the conflict and Yemeni peoples’ suffering.

He also cited the government’s efforts to allay the Yemeni peoples suffering and managing economic hardships.




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