Culture Minister inaugurates Book Fair in Shabwa province

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Culture Minister Marwan Damaj and Shabwa Governor Mohamed Ben Adyou opened Sunday the Shabwa Book Fair, organized by the Cultural Office at the Cultural Center  in Ataq.

The exhibition, which includes three different pavilions containing more than one thousand and 200 titles, as well as a special pavilion for the geology of Shabwa, and the historical manuscript suite belonging to the Zahra library in the city of Habban, supervised by the mark Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Mahdhar, which includes more than 200 manuscripts, backed 400 years.

“The opening of the exhibition and participation in this important event, during the visit of Shabwa, the wonderful and authentic province. It is the home of the oldest human civilizations and its authentic people and the cradle of the best values ​​and social traditions,” said Culture Minister.

Culture Minister pointed to the importance of  Shabwa in the history of Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula. “Perhaps between the edges of its effects erased there are keys revealing the most important pages of human history,” he said.

“The opening of the exhibition represents a serious attempt to restore life to the arteries of culture and its institutions in light of the difficult situation that the country is going through,” he added.

“Although the war sets its own priorities, the resistance of the reactionary Houthi enemy, resistance to underdevelopment and the building of conditions of moderation. The cultural and social immunity can only be comprehensive, hence the culture can only be at the heart of the event in order to combat the victims of centuries that have been established and for the future Justice, freedom and equality,” Culture Minister said.

The Governor of Shabwa referred to the moral significance of the cultural events that show the creative spirit of the distinguished and pioneering Shabwa in the cultural and creative field.

“Shabwa Book Fair carries many different messages and its big and broad address is that reading is the gateway to the development of societies and its creations. The world is evolving and advancing with the minds that read, think, invent and make life.” he added.


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