Parliament leadership meets with Russian Ambassador to Yemen

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September Net

Speaker of Parliament along with Deputy Speakers Mohammed Ashdadi and Naser Basorah met Sunday with Russian Ambassador to Yemen Vladimir Dedoshkin.

Discussions touched upon Yemeni-Russian bilateral ties and cooperation and latest developments in Yemen including UN’s efforts to make peace.

The Russian Ambassador congratulated the Parliament leadership on resuming the House of Representatives’ session.

Al-Barakani voiced Yemen’s appreciation for Russian constructive role in supporting legality in Yemen in contributing to the underway efforts aiming to reach peaceful solution to the Yemeni crisis.

He stated that the Parliament is very keen on achieving peace and reinstating official authority, ending the militia’s coup.

Al-Barakani touched upon arbitrary measures and atrocities the putschist Houthi militia has been exercising against the Yemeni people, including confiscating the private-owned properties of the members of Parliament who participated in the Parliament’s sessions in Sayoon.


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