Fatah calls on UNHRC to help Yemen to cope with refugees influx

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September Net

Minister of Local Administration—Chairman of High Relief Committee—Abduraqeeb Fatah called on the Representative of the UN High Commissionaire for Refugees (UNHCR) in Yemen Jacklyn Berivlin to work on necessary arrangements to help Yemeni government containing the large number of refugees who have arrived in Yemen recently and those who have been living in different Yemeni governorates.

The Minister called on the UNHCR to explore necessary arrangements to help the refugees to return to their own origin countries in conformity with the UN’s conventions and agreements about refugees.

The Minister also called on the UN Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen Lise Grande to coordinate with the UNHCR and other UN’s agencies to help the Yemeni governorate to manage the influx of refugees and contribute toward establishing the necessary camps to shelter the refugees.


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