Yemen, Cuba discuss Houthi withdrawal from Hodeida’s ports

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September Net

Yemen’s Ambassador to Cuba Mohammad Nasher discussed Wednesday with Rodolfo Reyes, Director-General for Multilateral Issues and International Law at Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs a number of issues concerning the two countries.

Nasher reviewed situation developments in Yemen and the reality of Houthi rebel militia’s withdrawal from Hodeida’s ports away from monitoring of Redeployment Coordination Committee, confirming Yemen’s commitment to UN Resolutions 2216, 2451 and 2452 and Stockholm agreement and its rejection to any split.

Nasher stressed call to international committee to exert pressure on Houthi rebel militia to implement the agreement sponsored by the UN and supported internationally by Security Council’s permanent members, expressing Yemen’s appreciation to Cuba’s efforts for supporting government of President Hadi.

For his part, the Cuban official renewed support of his country to Yemen’s government and to political process, stressing pushing Stockholm agreement forward and realizing peace.


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